Balance between the interest
of the companies,
the employees and the environment


For us, sustainability means to reconcile the interest of shareholders and investors, on the one hand, with the needs of our staff, tenants and partners and the environment on the other hand.

At the centre of our business activities is the buying and selling as well as the management of logistics real estate. While having a clear idea of the exit scenario even as we purchase a property, we always keep its entire life cycle in mind as well. When selecting sites and properties, we always take their logistics purposes into account as part of our efforts to keep road traffic and noise pollution levels to a minimum. And when acquiring new properties or developments or plan any development within our portfolio, we ensure that they include energy conserving measures, easy access to public transportation, tenant amenities, and sound working conditions for their staff.

We operate our logistics properties sustainably, because the highest life cycle costs arise during the operating phase. While taking into account environmental, economic, ecological and socio-cultural aspects in our facility management services we focus on the implementation of a sustainability strategy to increase rental levels, protect the environment and conserve resources, and ensure long-term economic success. We are supported by external Facility and Property Managers.

Our promise to our investment partners is to deliver optimal performance, and the best way to live up to the promise is by putting only high-skilled and highly motivated professionals on the job. Inversely, we promise our staff a generous pay check as recognition of outperformance and support autonomous work groups. Sheer working pleasure creates a harmonious working atmosphere in which the individual interests, the equality in the team and the corporate goals are in balance.

Examples of sustainable operation:

  • Photovoltaic power plant, LED-lighting and heat exchange ticker in order to save energy and CO² mitigation
  • Structuring and optimizing the processes of real estate management, such as uniform service level agreements with facility management service providers in accordance with the requirements of the tenants
  • Long-term performance, rental and management of the property and strategic tenant care

% of our employees ride their bike to work


of the most recently acquired assets are DGNB certificated


% of our properties have direct public transportation access


% of our staff like their job

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