Property Management

Professional Real Estate Management

Property Management

As an Asset Manager, we’re responsible for our real estate objects. That includes more than just management adjusted to the need at hand: We also organise all measures necessary to live up to our responsibility as owner or operator, and we look after the appropriate and value-increasing realisation.

By way of our technical and entrepreneurial real estate management, we deliver an important contribution as part of the value chain of existing real estate.

Since we are perfectly aware of the tenants’ requirements, we are in a perfect position to realise functional and flexible solutions.

Big bonus points are the long-standing experience of our team and the tried and tested cooperation with competent service partners.

This increases the economic viability of existing real estate as well as tenant satisfaction.

What makes our service special:

  • We take on the responsibilities of an owner and operator.
  • We are the personal contact for all business, technical, and organisational matters.
  • We ensure continuous quality management.
  • We look after the structured and optimised facility services around the real estate object.
  • We document all maintenance activities in a transparent and compliant format.
  • We optimise the operational and incidental costs.