Asset Management

Our Strengths Generate Added Value

Asset Management

Experience pays off: In the Asset Management of logistics real estate, RLI Investors are a strong partner for investors, Asset Managers, and tenants.

Our services comprise of measures for maintaining and increasing the real estate value, limiting risks, defining and executing the portfolio and object strategy, transparent and focused reporting and realising the agreed-on return.

In our Asset Management, we focus on:

  • Planning
    • Inventory taking, analysis, and monitoring the objects we manage
    • Identification and planning of existing development potentials
    • Realising added value potentials
  • Steering
    • Developing/steering lease strategies and lease agreement negotiations
    • Steering the external Property Management
    • Steering of measures for project development, reconstruction, and refurbishment
  • Controlling
    • Designing and ensuring documentation and reporting
    • Risk monitoring and risk management on an object and process level
    • Analysis and evaluation of the results in comparison with the set target values