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Ccomprehensive research underlays the investment process and decisions of RLI Investors. We use primary and secondary data mining methods to gain a fully transparent picture of the relevant logistics markets in regard to both letting and sales transactions. We have profound knowledge of research in real estate and are familiar with the supply and demand situation of each logistics region, as well as with their rent and yield levels, and this puts us in a position to make qualified predictions about the risks and opportunities of investments in these regions.

Market and location analysis

Macro and micro location of the property

Market observation Germany

Investment market

  • Deal prices
  • Portfolio and single deals
  • Origin and profile of investors

Occupancy market and development according to logistic regions

  • Leasing activities
  • Development
  • Logistic rent index

Preparation of market reports (quartlery)

Key figures about

  • Development (speculative and on behalf)
  • Space turnover
  • Owner-occupation ratio
  • Rental price development
  • Investment volume
  • Ratio of portfolio deals
  • Ratio of foreign investors
  • Yield figures

m sqm development in Germany in 2019


bn EUR transaction volume in Germany in 2019


% share of the German commercial real estate investment market in 2019


sqm space turnover in 2019 in Germany


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