Technical Management

Professional Technical Management Basis for Value Retention and Performance

Technical Management

An experienced and professional technical management plays a decisive role in the due diligence of a logistic asset as well as within the portfolio. We create the basis for a market-oriented assessment and constant performance of the assets over the entire holding period. We constantly keep in mind the sustainable use with a clear focus on the return perspective for our tenants and investors, right up to the exit. Complete documentation at all times is essential.

Technichal Management tasks

  • Support of the acquisition in the due diligence process through technical evaluation of the asset being potentially purchased and evaluation of external asset assessments
  • Regular control and monitoring of the proper execution of all tasks of external administrators and (facility management) service providers
  • Budgeting and execution control of the necessary maintenance and renovation measures in the properties
  • External and internal reporting


Bernhard Setzwein

Executive Director Engineering & Sustainability

+49 (0) 162 33 27 82 1

Sofiane Ternifi, Technical Manager, RLI

Sofiane Ternifi

Associate Engineering & Sustainability

+49 (0) 172  4 71 49 85

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