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Investment Management:

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Investment Management

We have an extensive sector knowledge and expert know-how in the investment management of logistics property. Institutional investors investing in our logistic funds as well as international asset managers and family offices benefit from it. As part of their investment strategy, we identify suitable properties and provide reliable information on market and development potential. In addition, we manage the logistics property strategically and sustainably and raise individual development potential.


Through our established network of real estate owners, brokers and tenants, we have very good market access, which allows us to both assert ourselves in the bidding process and to acquire properties directly or off-market. Very good contacts to project developers allow us an early start in project development and access to new construction projects in a top location. Every investment decision is based on a detailed research analysis.

Acquisition process

  • Identification of suitable logistic properties
  • Receipt and review of offers by taking into account location, third-party usage, tenant demand, building age and development potential
  • Calculation of long-term return ratios and a reasonable purchase price
  • Submission of an offer
  • Letter of Intent
  • Hand-over into Transaction Management

Transaction Management

The Transaction Management includes the management and execution of the related due diligence processes when purchasing. In doing so, we examine the specialities of the property comprehensively from the commercial, legal and technical point of view taking into account the individual needs of the investors while we get support from professional transaction partners. Most of the transactions carried out are classic asset deals, share deals, forward deals and sale-and-lease-back deals.


  • Preparation of the product
  • Short presentation of the property
  • Due diligence (extensive examination of commercial, fiscal, legal and  technical parameters
  • Negotiation, structuring and execution of the sales contract
  • Presentation of acquisition
  • Conclusion of the purchase agreement and purchase execution for single and portfolio deal


Logistics property near Dortmund

  • Support to a well-known fund and asset manager in the purchase of a warehouse for a well-known German department store chain from an US hedge fund
  • Preparation of all market data as well as technical due diligence
  • Takeover of the ongoing property management

Logistics property near Berlin

  • Support to a well-known global asset manager in the purchase of a logistic park
  • Preparation of all market data as well as active support during the negotiations with the seller, a US based family office
  • Steering of the planned development of around 30.000 sqm new logistic pace on the site

% of the offers from property owner


logistic properties acquired

ca. 303

m EUR investment volume for direct mandates

around 700

m EUR fund investment volume


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