ESG anticipates a renovation wave for logistics properties

ESG Logistikimmobilien

ESG anticipates a renovation wave for logistics properties

The effects of Covid-19 are causing great uncertainty in many countries around the world. At the same time, the pandemic has increasingly exposed the ecological, social and economic weaknesses and inadequacies. Many governments are rethinking their economies and restructuring them. For Germany and Europe, the governments primarily focus on implementing the goals of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement.

In her guest commenatary “ESG anticipates a wave of renovation projects for logistics properties” which was published on December 15, 2020 in the online magazine of IPE D.A.CH., Katrin Poos answers below questions about ESG in the (logistics) real estate industry:

  • why towards sustainability assessed real estate vehicles result in competitive advantages
  • why the integration of sustainability components is a complex, but definitely worthwhile process
  • why EU Taxanomie is a yardstick for healthy returns
  • why the renovation of existing buildings is of great importance in reducing CO²

With all the focus on climate protection Katrin Poos points out that the “E”, the importance of social and governance aspects should not be underestimated: “If regulations primarily relate to climate change, the voices of stakeholders will increase to achieve positive effects for society with appropriate measures. The integration of social and governance aspects is sometimes less obvious, but it can be a big step in the right direction for (real estate) companies.”  Ultimately it is our job to carry the changed values ​​into the company.

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