We understand logistics … even in unusual times!

RLI Team im Home Office während Covid

We understand logistics … even in unusual times!

RLI – together for everyone without any restrictions for you!

In order to protect our employees and their families and to ensure business operations, we will continue our internal preventive measures to contain the coronavirus from March 2020 and again from October 2020 to probably January 31, 2021. In order to remain able to act for our customers, business and cooperation partners, we have divided the employees in our Munich and Berlin locations into a “Team Home Office” and a “Team Office”.

Full performance – full accessibility

We can all be reached in these unusual times and continue to support our customers, business and cooperation partners with the same passion and motivation as a strong partner for everything to do with the (crisis) -resistant and high-growth logistics real estate market. All employees can still be reached by email and phone. Our office is manned from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Friday until 5 p.m.).

Home office not just since Corona – service at its best!

Flexibility in terms of working hours and within the framework of home office regulations has been a corporate culture at RLI for several years. The employees were already equipped with a mobile workstation before the pandemic, so that a complete switch to working in the home office during the first lockdown in March and the current lockdown “light” went smoothly – service at its best!

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