#ichwill – RLI supports the German campaign as part of its membership in FRAUEN !N FÜHRUNG (F!F)

Katrin Poos, Managing Director, Portraitfoto

#ichwill – RLI supports the German campaign as part of its membership in FRAUEN !N FÜHRUNG (F!F)*


What is the German #ichwill campaign all about?

The #ichwill campaign, initiated by women from business, culture, media, science and sport, calls for more visibility and decision-making responsibility for women in all areas of society as well as the implementation of the German law FüPoG II. This is a law that applies to 70 German companies where is at least one woman on the board of directors with four or more people.

Video of the #ichwill campaign (in German only).

Why does the FRAUEN !N FÜHRUNG initiative support the #ichwill campaign?

The proportion of women on the executive boards of the 2,000 largest companies in Germany is less than 8%. 70% of these companies set themselves the goal of zero (!) women on the board. And even in the leading DAX30 companies, the proportion of women in the corona crisis year fell to 12%. F! F thinks: The future is different! Companies need more women and more diversity in their management levels in order to be fit for the future.

Katrin Poos and other supporters of the #ichwill campaign

Together with other supporters from all areas of the German real estate industry, Katrin Poos makes it clear why they want more women in leadership, more diversity and equal participation in responsibility in companies. And why the goal of zero women on the board is not an option for our future.

Katrin Poos #ichwill  statement:

“In my professional career I have met many women who absolutely had what it takes to take on a management position, but who did not trust themselves to take the step. Often there is a lack of courage and there are no female role models in the professional environment. The potential of these women must finally be better used. They have to be more visible in management positions, have a say in decision-making and get the appreciation they deserve. No ifs and buts!”

More #ichwill statements in the blog of the initative FRAUEN !N FÜHRUNG (F!F).

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