Meeting point MIPIM from 12.-15. March 20109: RLI Investors at the 30th edition of the world’s leading real estate fair

Meeting point MIPIM from 12.-15. March 20109: RLI Investors at the 30th edition of the world’s leading real estate fair

The number of participants from 26,800 participants from 100 countries once again confirmed the position and relevance of MIPIM as one of the leading international real estate events. Once again, managing director Katrin Poos and acquisition director and authorized officer Peter Wenzel have travelled to spring-time Cannes to devote themselves, among other things, to the acquisition of logistics real estate. Of course, the exchange with well-known and new industry participants on the real estate investment market in general and on the logistics real estate investment market in particular against the backdrop of the Croisette and at their own event “RLI Investors Wake-up MIPIM Breakfast” did not come up short.

Despite the global and fiscal uncertainties, the mood was good – sometimes even too good, as Peter Wenzel found. The market is liquid, very active and dynamic – and many – too many – are looking for high-return investments. “On the one hand, this speaks for an investment in logistics real estate, which still achieves yields of 5% with low risk,” says Katrin Poos in addition. “On the other hand, unending demand drives prices up and, if at all, rents are only moderately rising.”

Wenzel and Poos felt that MIPIM was a little fuller and more active than the years before. The participants gathered on the Croisette, in the bars and restaurants. In addition, the hiring of yachts seemed to be “trés chic” again.

For Peter Wenzel and Katrin Poos, MIPIM is like an annual “industry class reunion”: you meet, know or recognize each other, place your projects and celebrate. “MIPIM is an important part of a successful acquisition business. It begins in January with the presentation of new projects and a first telephone or written exchange afterwards”, said the authorized officer Wenzel”. “In Cannes, the parties get together and discuss the details. The first graduations will take place until summer. Of course, the next important “acquisition point” will be the Expo Real in Munich”, adds Katrin Poos, who, in addition to her duties as managing director acquires logistic properties.

Whether the “class reunion” will lead to successful transactions for RLI by the summer, will show in the next few months – the seed is at least already sown.

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