35th German Logistics Congress of the BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik): RLI for the second time in a row at one of the most important congresses in Europe

35th German Logistics Congress of the BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik): RLI for the second time in a row at one of the most important congresses in Europe

According to the motto “Digital meets Reality”, 3,400 “real” trade visitors exchanged views on “digital” topics relating to logistics and supply change management. RLI did not miss this annual exchange of knowledge and experience on developments and current logistics trends, best practice solutions and future-oriented impulses from science and was represented by managing director Katrin Poos  and Peter Wenzel, authorised officer acquisition, in Berlin.

“The German Logistics Congress following the Expo Real has taken a firm place in our diary, as it offers many tangible benefits for us as an investment and asset manager of logistics real estate due to the diversity and relevance of the topics. Furthermore, the congress focuses not only on Germany, but has also become a meeting place and forum for international interdisciplinary exchange due to globalization and global competition”, reports Katrin and Peter.

The speech of Sigmar Gabriel left a special impression with the managing director. It was about the “challenges of Germany and Europe in an uncomfortable world”. It was a speech “for Europe and the agility within Europe and the world” and “for the observance of the Silk Road as a real geopolitical strategy.” But also Peter Altmair, Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, who spoke about “promote digitalization, strengthen the economy, safeguard the future” and Rubin Ritter, Member of the Executive Board of Zalando SE, who gave with humor and passion insights into the history of success and development and the digitalization of the online mail order company, impressed her.

“At the congress we have the opportunity to meet personalities, doers and lateral thinkers from politics and business, which we rarely encounter in ‘normal’ life – that is a true source of inspiration for us and RLI”, Poos comments on the three days.

Summary of further specialist lectures and discussion rounds:

Subject sequence “Urban logistics”:
“The cities must reinvent themselves for urban logistics. Among other things, silent deliveries, made possible by drone technology or a shift in delivery times to overnight deliveries to reduce the morning traffic chaos are required. However, what works for one city does not have to apply to everyone. Individual concepts for many cities are therefore necessary.”

Discussion round “Robotics and Autonomous Logistics”:
“One of the big goals in logistics is the artificial intelligence of vehicles, such as autonomous driving and – “very important” – the communication between the vehicles. By 2030, autonomous driving will allegedly be up to 40 percent reality.”

Discussion round “Collaborative Supply Chain”:
“Reinventing supply chains needs to add value to everyone involved – that’s essential, otherwise it will not work.”

“Logistic providers are used to think in value chains. The topic of the future is networking through digitization, but this also requires a rethinking in the somewhat outdated organizational structures and the willingness to change.”

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