“Grey” versus “colourful”: a glimpse into the daily routine of some RLI properties

“Grey” versus “colourful”: a glimpse into the daily routine of some RLI properties

Chocolate, cars, fashion, packages, food, cosmetics, theatre and many more – the users of the RLI properties belong to distinct industries and make the “grey” routine iridescent again.

In the “Log Plaza Wankelstrasse” property in Kerpen, everything revolves around the most popular “guilty pleasure” – chocolate. The user stores the treat in special refrigerators until its delivered to the retailers. He has brought in the necessary special refrigerating technology by himself.

For the supply of large customers in the Munich area Metro uses our 12,000 sqm storage space in Sulzemoos as a “walk-in refrigerator”. The coldest area measures a constant temperature of -21 degrees, where frozen products are stored. There are other storage areas too, i.e. a +2 degrees for fresh meats, a +14 degrees area for fruits and vegetables and a dry storage for spirits and tobacco. The warehouse was developed by Intaurus, a project developer based in Dachau, especially for this enterprise.

Another user in Sulzemoos is the IT-remarketing company GSD. This “Upcycler” preserves used IT-equipment and breathes in new life. All this on an area of approximately 4,300 sqm. Starting there, they are delivered to private customers, companies and organizations.

Trousers, shirts, coats and other apparel hang on clamps in tidy rows waiting for shipment – this is happening in a property in Mönchengladbach from where the fashion wholesaler C & A handles the supply for most of its nationwide fashionhouses. This is one of the largest and most important logistics centres of C&A Fashion GmbH & Co. KG in Europe.

Some tenants use their logistics space “simply” for interim storage and temporary handling of goods – for example the warehouse, purchased for the RLI Logistics Fund I, in Hochheim. The State Theatre Wiesbaden stores stage sets for opera, ballet or drama here. However their neighbor, the Dutch flower logistics company Hagen BV distributes flowers like roses or tulips to retailers on a transregional level.

The “logistics routine” in the properties in Waiblingen, Karlsruhe and Bielefeld, where DHL operates their parcel handling centres looks completely different. Those centers of transshipment are called „mechanized delivery bases“, short “MechZBn”. This system simplyfies and facilitates the daily work of the deliverers. Before they had to sort the packages by hand; now – with MechZBn – they are sorted automatically and then chuted to the loading device of the deliverer. From here it´s easy to load them into the lorry. This system facilitates the work for the deliverer and helps to deliver about 20-30 minutes faster to the customer.

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