Germany Takes the Lead in Logistics


Germany's Logistics Market is the Largest in Europe, and the Performance Leader Worldwide

Logistics is Germany’s third-largest industrial sector, after the automobile industry and the retail trade. Providing over three million jobs, the industry actually outranks the electronics and mechanical engineering industries. But Germany is also Europe's largest logistics market because it accounts for around 25 percent of the cross-European market volume.

Factors that commend Germany in addition to its location in the European heartland, the high quality of its infrastructure, and its advanced logistics technology, include the best logistics performance in the world. In a World Bank 2016 survey on the quality of the logistics business in 160 countries, Germany took the top spot for the third time after placing first in 2010 and again in 2014 (release of the data every two years). Criteria applied during the compilation of the survey include, for instance, parcel tracking options, punctuality, customs clearance, trade and transport infrastructure and process transparency.

Going forward, major market developments are expected to boost the growth of the logistics industry in the years to come. The progressing globalisation, the advancing economic development of emerging countries, the signing of new free trade agreements, the trend in the retail and light industrial sectors to outsource logistics, and above all the evolution of e-commerce will ensure a constant and growing demand for logistics floor space.

  • #1 in Europe by logistics market volume
  • 3 million jobs
  • #1 worldwide in terms of logistics performance
  • 263 bn EUR in revenues in 2017

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